Eco Friendly and Safe Free Energy

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Eco Friendly and Safe Free Energy

Are you paying a lot of money to heat your home? Have you been spending more than you can afford on your home heating bills? If so, you are not alone. Over a third of U.S. households are forced to pay more than they can afford to spend on their home heating bills, while another 30% have higher than average bills.

With these high bills and out of control energy costs, it makes sense to look at ways that you can take advantage of free energy. While many people who are faced with high heating bills turn to traditional forms of heat such as kerosene, electric or propane heaters, there are other, more cost effective and environmentally friendly options that you may want to explore.

The most cost effective and eco-friendly of these are naturally occurring home heating methods such as radiant heating and water heaters. These types of heating systems have the added benefit of being sustainable because they use free energy. You will also not be wasting money on “green” heating fuels.

Radiant heating involves placing hot water pipes throughout your home. A heating element is attached to each pipe, which heats up the water, creating a steady heat in the room. Water heating can be powered by either electricity or natural gas, and will keep your room warm for longer periods of time. Many manufacturers of radiant floor heating systems include features such as a thermostat so that you can keep your room comfortable even if the heat gets a little too intense.

A water heater is similar to a water fountain except that instead of running water, heated water is pumped through pipes into rooms. As long as the water stays hot, your home heating will continue. Again, you do not need to invest in an expensive water heater or separate gas or electricity supply, and your water supply will come from the same utility company that supplies electricity for your house.

Water heaters come in a variety of styles that fit your home, but none of them require any type of electricity or natural gas. These heaters use batteries to keep your water hot, and a small pump will turn on the battery as well as the tap water. This feature alone is very convenient. No fuel is used, no worries about wires or smoke coming from your water heater.

An additional benefit of natural home heaters is that they often include the option to add fans to your unit to make your home more comfortable. In addition, the added noise may be an incentive to turn the heat down when you leave the room. With other types of heating systems, this would be impossible to do.

Your radiant heaters will only add a few dollars to your heating bill each month. As you can see, a smart decision to cut your energy costs without having to compromise your comfort or your safety.