Which Home Heating Method Should You Use?

Home heating systems can be broken down into two categories, those that use oil and those that do not. So which one should you use? Let’s look at both to find out.

Using natural gas is the cheapest of the two heating methods, but it is also the most inefficient. A home that uses this method is known as a propane heater. This makes sense as propane is made from natural gas, just like natural gas comes from oil. The end result is that the home heating costs are much higher, since the only method the homeowner has available to him is to burn more gas than necessary.

Another form of home heating that is less expensive than using oil is radiant heating. Radiant heat is by far the most energy efficient form of heating that exists. It uses infrared light to heat a home, or even a whole building, much more efficiently than even traditional heating methods.

Radiant heat also does not produce any pollution, unlike most forms of inefficiently-heated fuel. While this is not generally considered a benefit, it is in fact a safety feature. The potential for thermal radiation to ignite flammable gases is simply not present in the case of radiant heat.

There are some disadvantages to radiant heating as well. The speed at which the radiant heat can heat up a home is directly proportional to the amount of the heat source being used. It is simply not possible to keep a home heated using just one heating source.

Another major drawback to the use of oil as a home heating source is the environmental damage it causes. Oil is incredibly dense, and as such emits gases that are extremely dangerous to the environment. If the supply of this gas was reduced drastically, the Earth would not have enough left to sustain the human population.

The best type of home heating that can be achieved is a home that uses a combination of an energy source and a fuel source. This is best accomplished with the use of both solar thermal panels. Solar energy is a renewable energy resource that can be used to provide home heating for as long as the sun is shining.

Installing solar thermal panels on your roof is the best way to use solar energy to power your home. In order to utilize this energy, you must insulate your home using materials that absorb heat, such as fiberglass or ceramic tile. A combination of these two materials can be found to make the best combination possible, and then combine them with the photovoltaic cells used to collect the energy that is released by sunlight.