Which is More Energy Efficient: A Home Heating System Or Air Source Heat Pump

Home heating expenses are much higher than they used to be, and that includes the actual cost of heating the water in your home. We all know that heating costs are an important consideration when we make our home buying decisions. The costs involved in heating a home can add up very quickly. And often times the savings in utility bills are much less than the actual costs involved in heating a home.

Even if you can’t see the monthly savings you will enjoy by eliminating your water heating costs you can see the savings on your energy bill. Each time you turn on your water heater to heat water for drinking or bathing, it will cost you money to do so. When you are able to reduce those costs, you will begin to realize the savings on your energy bill.

Having a well-insulated house can save you money on your water heating bill. Insulation will help keep you hot water warmer. It is not necessary to be completely water proof when you purchase a house. You can find ways to insulate your walls and crawl spaces, to help with both heating and cooling. If you use solar heat for both heat and cooling you can save even more.

Another popular option for both heating and cooling homes is having a system that takes the excess heat from your home and transports it outside, where it can be stored for later use. This could include a tank to store it in, or a system that breaks it down into its component parts and stores it in the basement or garage. You can even have this water taken outside and converted back into a liquid, by pumping it out through a tank. This can save you a lot of money on your home heating bill.

You might also consider replacing your hot water heater. Newer models can heat your water longer and provide more than enough hot water to make hot baths and showers for your family. It also keeps your pipes from freezing and bursting under the winter sun. This can be expensive to replace, and you don’t want to be stuck with a leaky heater!

How does your home heating system run? Are you spending a lot of money each month on your furnace? Why not consider reducing your energy usage at the same time as saving money? Heat pumps allow you to keep your furnace running without the added expense of a furnace. Not only can they take heat from the ground, but they are good for keeping your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer months.

Many people who live in areas that get very little sunlight choose to use solar heat panels. These can be placed on their roof, or on their garage, or in their yard. Solar water heaters are also very popular these days. They save on both heating and cooling costs, and you can easily buy a home system that will last for several years.

Your local heating and cooling company may also have a good home heating system in their systems. These days, more houses are being built with heat pump and air source systems. These systems are saving people money on their monthly heating and cooling bills, because they use less energy to keep your home warm.